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A focus on hoof lesions in sows at APSA

Members of our Apiam Swine Services team attended the Australasian Pig Science Association (APSA) conference in November at the Sofitel Brisbane.

Our very own WA Swine Consultant Dr Kate Savage presented some of her findings from her master’s in international animal Welfare dissertation and focused on ‘The effect of hoof lesion score on sow survivability over two parities’.

Hoof lesions in sows can cause lameness, as well as affect their reproductive performance and longevity.

In her dissertation, 364 sows had all four feet visually scored for seven different types of hoof lesions, each with three levels of severity. A high total hoof lesion score meant lots of lesions, severe lesions, or both. The sows were followed for two further parities, plus four weeks, to see if they were still alive on farm. It was found that sows with higher hoof lesion scores, or more severe hoof lesions, were more likely to be culled or sold off farm in that period. However, hoof lesion severity did not affect their chances of dying or being euthanised.

For more information on hoof lesions in sows, please contact your Apiam Swine Services veterinarian.

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