How can ProSwine benefit my business?

Our ProSwine Team look after some of Australia's leading pork suppliers by provision of professional veterinary services, innovative technology, research and development, competitive products, advanced diagnostics and customised vaccines.

Leading veterinarians

ProSwine producers can expect a dedicated partnership with their veterinarian to optimise sustainable production and enterprise outcomes. Together with the extended ProSwine team, our vets can ensure consistent and timely delivery of professional veterinary services for both routine and investigative visits as well as audits and industry compliance planning. Ancillary services such as boar stud evaluation and pregnancy testing are also available.

Our ProSwine veterinarians are amongst the best in Australia and are responsible for teaching swine health and production to undergraduate veterinarians at five of Australia's veterinary schools. This is testament to the knowledge and expertise within our ProSwine team. ProSwine clients benefit from this teaching expertise through the delivery of specific training and professional development for all levels of piggery staff. An interactive on-line learning platform is also available to support this training.

Bespoke veterinary services

We pride ourselves in providing a customised client experience, tailored to meet the individual requirements of your herd. Through on-site visits, production consultancy and analyses, we can identify specific health and performance parameters, which assist in the development of benchmarks allowing monitoring of progress and early identification of potential issues.

Sharing knowledge

The ProSwine team, extends from the west to the east, and from southern Victoria to Queensland. We also frequently interact with international experts in the USA. Whilst the relationship with your ProSwine veterinarian is individual, the expertise available across our network is broad. This allows a unique collaboration and sharing of knowledge in the areas of animal health, production systems, nutrition and new technologies.

Innovative technology, research and development.

Apiam Animal Health has invested significantly in ProSwine to deliver innovative technologies to the Australian pork industry.

ProSwine clients can expect 24-hour access to their secure ProSwine Central account which features all their customised and integrated treatment protocols, reports, diagnostic tests and results, and webstore.

Our ProSwine team are actively leading product development to improve animal welfare and productivity. ProSwine clients are the amongst the first to benefit from this research. From preventative health and therapeutics to software development and on-farm monitoring, the researchers at ProSwine work alongside commercial and industry partners to bring these concepts to fruition. DataPig is one such project. Read more about DataPig

Extensive diagnostics and customised vaccines

With ACE Laboratories being part of the Apiam Animal Health family, ProSwine clients can expect advanced and timely diagnostic testing for both routine surveillance and disease investigations. The holistic suite of testing allows identification of farm-specific pathogens with the potential to further develop customised autogenous vaccines. ACE Laboratories specialises in this technology and works collaboratively with ProSwine veterinarians to provide the best possible service to ProSwine clients. Antimicrobial stewardship is central to our industry and is supported by ACE Laboratories providing antimicrobial susceptibility testing for all ProSwine clients.

ProSwine Features

Health management

  • Customised animal health treatment protocols
  • On-site veterinary visits
  • Abattoir inspection
  • Remote on-site veterinary support
  • Administrative and Customer Support

Performance Analysis

  • Reproductive performance
  • Breeder and Grower herds performance
  • Improvement planning

Risk Management and Audits

  • Welfare
  • Biosecurity
  • Boar Stud
  • Medication usage

Industry Compliance

  • APIQ
  • Herd Health Plan
  • Biosecurity Plan
  • Staff Training Plan


  • Diet formulation and assessment
  • Pre-mix supply
  • Additive analysis
  • On-farm veterinary advice

Staff training

  • Interactive on-line learning platform
  • Face-to-face training and assessment
Personalised online shop

Personalised online shop

Animal health protocols

Animal health protocols

Quick-access reports and results

Quick-access reports and results

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