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Apiam partners with Veyx-Pharma to distribute innovative products in Australia

Apiam Animal Health has announced a strategic partnership with the German company Veyx-Pharma to distribute their cutting-edge products across Australia. This agreement marks a significant milestone for both companies as they expand their reach and bring new technology to the Australian market.

Over the past six months, Apiam has been rigorously researching Veyx-Pharma’s lead product, with a particular focus on its applications for Australian pig farmers. The culmination of this research will be the product’s launch in the Australian pig industry, slated to occur within the next few months. This innovative product is anticipated to bring substantial benefits to local farmers, enhancing productivity.

Apiam’s CEO, Dr Chris Richards, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership.

“We are extremely excited to bring Veyx-Pharma’s advanced technology to Australia. This collaboration allows us to provide our farmers with state-of-the-art solutions that can significantly improve their operations,” Dr. Richards stated.

Veyx-Pharma, known for its innovative approach and high-quality products in animal health, sees this partnership as a significant step towards global expansion.

Dr. Silke Engl, CEO of Veyx-Pharma, commented on the agreement, saying, “This is an exciting opportunity for Veyx-Pharma. Expanding into the Australian market allows us to support veterinarians and farmers with our advanced solutions, fostering better animal health and productivity outcomes in a new region.”

The introduction of Veyx-Pharma’s products in Australia is expected to set a new benchmark in the industry, particularly within the pig farming sector. Apiam’s established network and expertise in the local market, combined with Veyx-Pharma’s innovative products, promise a fruitful collaboration that will benefit the Australian agriculture industry.

As the launch date approaches, both companies are committed to ensuring a smooth rollout and providing comprehensive support to Australian farmers, guaranteeing the successful integration of these new products into their farming practices. This partnership not only signifies growth and innovation but also reinforces the shared commitment of Apiam and Veyx-Pharma to advancing animal health and farm productivity globally.

Apiam Animal Health CEO Dr Chris Richards with Veyx-Pharma CEO Dr Silke Engl at IPVS 2024 in Leipzig, Germany.

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